Japanese Car Brands

Japanese Car Brands

Japanese Car Brands.

Japanese Car Brands. The Japanese automobile industry is one of the fastest-growing ones the world has witnessed. The country has been manufacturing traditional to futuristic cars from low to high budgets.


It is one of the many reasons Japanese cars are so famous, and their vehicles are widely used worldwide. And Japan is also the third-largest automobile manufacturing and exporting country globally. It has been one of the top countries since 1960, which indicates its immense success.


You will recognize many car brands immediately, such as Toyota, Suzuki, Nissan, Honda, Mazda, Lexus, and many more . All of them are among the highest-selling Japanese car brands. Today, I will discuss several such brands if you are looking for a reliable and high-performing Japanese car.


12 Japanese Car Brands And Their Logos.

Japanese Car Brands. The Japanese cars have grown with a more modern and reliable technological revolution. You will find different and cool features in these cars. Below is the list of top Japanese car brands and their logos to help you recognize them.


  1. Toyota.

Toyota Kirloskar Motor
Toyota Kirloskar Motor


Founded By: Kiichiro Toyoda

Founded In: 1937

Website: www.toyota.com


I think there is not a single person in the world who has not heard of Toyota cars. I mean, why wouldn’t they?


It is the largest car manufacturing company in the world and sells more than 10 million cars globally each year, including its electric vehicles. Toyota is the only brand in the world to reach this milestone.


This Japanese car brand is famous for its variety of design, sustainability, and affordability. The Japanese car manufacturing industry grew with this brand. From 1937 till this day, Toyota stands to be one of the most incredibly famous and highest-selling car brands.


  1. Honda.



Founded By: Soichiro Honda, Takeo Fujisawa

Founded In: 1946

Website: www.honda.com


Honda took second place in manufacturing cars in Japan and the sixth-largest in the world. Soichiro Honda and Takeo Fujisawa founded the company in 1946, and it has been active ever since.


It only produced 2-cycle motorbike engines at the time. It was not until 1963 Honda released its first passenger car. The company’s most significant vehicle success came in 1972 when they introduced the Civic, their ultimate best-seller.


Honda motorbikes are still as popular as cars. And this brand keeps staying as a famous brand with its reliable and top-quality vehicles.


  1. Nissan.


Nissan electric car
Nissan electric car

Founded By: Kenjiro Den, Masujiro Hashimoto, Meitaro Takeuchi, Rokuro Aoyama, Yoshisuke Aikawa

Founded In: 1933

Website: www.nissan-global.com


The history of Nissan and how it got its name is quite interesting. This car company was originally founded as Kwaishinsha Motor Car Works in 1911 by Masujiro Hashimoto. Then three years later, it launched its first car DAT, which was an acronym of its three founders’ names.


The company’s name changed several times until it was named the Nissan Motor Company in 1934. From trucks and SUVs to electric cars, Nissan manufactures almost everything.


It kept the demand for this brand’s vehicles on the rise, especially for their fully electric car, Nissan Leaf. The brand hopes to release driverless vehicles in the future.


  1. Suzuki.

Maruti Suzuki LTD
Maruti Suzuki LTD

Founded By: Michio Suzuki

Founded In: 1909

Website: www.globalsuzuki.com


Like Honda, Suzuki is also a famous brand for both motorbikes and cars. Michio Suzuki founded the company more than 100 years ago. A century later, it is still going large and introducing various types of vehicles.


The company did not launch its first car, Suzulight, until 1955. This brand has been manufacturing lightweight, large to midsize and affordable cars from the beginning.


That is why the response after the war was massive, and it changed Suzuki’s future as a vehicle manufacturer. Now, it holds the position as one of Japan’s top 10 best and largest car-selling brands.


  1. Lexus.


Lexus logo
Lexus logo

Founded By: Eiji Toyoda

Founded In: 1989

Website: www.lexus-int.com


Lexus is one of the best and most luxurious car manufacturers in Japan. It is a brand under Toyota and was founded in1989. This brand has been selling SUVs, sedans, convertibles, coupes, and more.


The first Lexus car the company sold was the L400. And even though it is a brand under the famous Toyota, Lexus has got its own recognition as one of the top car brands.


Today, Lexus sells its cars in more than 70 countries and counting. And now that the company plans to launch electric cars in the future, we can hope to see more success.


  1. Infiniti.


Infiniti logo car
Infiniti logo car

Founded By: Nissan Motor Company

Founded In: 1989

Website: www.infiniti.com


The Infiniti is a division of the famous car brand Nissan. This brand decided to make luxurious cars but in a different way.


The Nissan Motor Company founded the brand in 1989. And over the span of 20 years, the brand has reached around 15 countries.


Now, that does not sound like a lot. But the quality of the cars by Infiniti has kept it among the best Japanese car brands. Infiniti cars are affordable as well, except for some of its luxurious models. No wonder it is one of the famous car brands in Japan.


The brand has announced plans to switch to electric vehicles in 2014. So we are yet to see more transformations from this brand.


  1. Mitsubishi.


Mitsubishi car logo
Mitsubishi car logo

Founded By: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries

Founded In: 1970

Website: www.mitsubishi-motors.com


Mitsubishi is one of Japan’s oldest vehicle manufacturing companies. It was founded by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries in 1970. The company is one of the top-selling car brands in Japan.


The brand’s full name is actually Mitsubishi Shokai, which means ‘three diamonds’. It was named like this in 1870. So now you know why the brand’s logo has three diamond shapes.


This brand has not sold a huge number of cars like other top brands. Unfortunately, it has gone through severe financial disruption because several car models had shown technical problems. So the company partnered with Daimler-Chrysler in 2000 to recover from it.


  1. Isuzu.

Isuzu logo
Isuzu logo

Founded By: Isuzu Jidōsha Kabushiki-Kaisha

Founded In: 1916

Website: www.isuzu.co.jp/world


When it comes to manufacturing reliable commercial vehicles or diesel engines, Japan trusts the Isuzu brand. It is over a century old but still known for its excellent car manufacturing quality.


Though it works on vehicle production, marketing and sales simultaneously, the demand for Isuzu cars has increased over time. The company offers some cool pickup trucks and SUVs at an affordable price.


The company has become one of the highest automobile selling companies in Japan. It sold about 1.2 million vehicles in the year 2015 alone.


  1. Subaru.


Subaru car logo
Subaru car logo


Founded By: Kenji Kita, Chikuhei Nakajima

Founded In: 1953

Website: www.subaru-global.com


Subaru is among the car brands in Japan that sell affordable cars and of good quality. This company was founded by Kenji Kita, Chikuhei Nakajima in 1953. But it was known as Fuji Heavy Industries at first.


It became a division of the Nissan company in 1966. But what made it more famous was introducing people to its all-wheel-drive technology and the boxer engine layout.


The company is also famous for manufacturing rally cars. And the Subaru Impreza WRX is one of its best-selling rally cars that won many competitions.


  1. Daihatsu.


Daihatsu logo
Daihatsu logo



Founded By: Toyota Group

Founded In: 1951

Website: www.daihatsu.com


The Daihatsu is one of the oldest combustion engine manufacturers in Japan. But then the company began manufacturing a small number of vehicles. Soon, it started producing more and more best-selling cars, such as Mira, Tanto, Mebius, Move, and Copen.


The sale of the Daihatsu vehicles increased about 8% with these cars in 2017. Toyota Motors now own 51% of the company’s share. But the company has not released any new cars for a while.


  1. Acura.


Acura logo
Acura logo

Founded By: Honda Motor Company, Ltd

Founded In: 1986

Website: www.acura.com


Acura is actually a Latin word that means excellence. And just like the meaning of its name, the company has earned fame around Japan and in other parts of the world for the excellent quality of its cars.


The brand has been making some fantastic luxurious car models with excellent interior and exterior looks and designs. The RDX is one of its most popular models yet.


  1. Mazda.

Mazda car logo
Mazda car logo


Founded By: Jujiro Matsuda/Ford Motor Company

Founded In: 1920

Website: www.mazda.com


If you are a Fast & Furious movie fan and know cars, you must have spotted a Mazda in the movie. Mazda, which means wisdom, was derived from a Zoroastrian, Ahura Mazda, meaning the God of Life.


Mazda is a reliable brand for getting a car with an efficient and reliable car engine. The brand was founded in 1920, and it is a multinational automaker. The Mazda Miata is the brand’s famous model.



These were the top 12 Japanese car brands that are popular not just in Japan but all around the world. What makes these vehicles famous is their designs, features, and reliability.


The Japanese automobile manufacturing company is still growing and going head to head with the other two countries ahead of it: China and America. Maybe the country will become the largest vehicle manufacturing country in the world soon.

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