Most Iconic Car Brand Logos

Most Iconic Car Brand Logos

10 Most Iconic Car Brand Logos And Their Meaning.

Most Iconic Car Brand Logos. Logos are like a badge of identity. We are all aware of that.

They tell us which car belongs to which company, despite them being of various different designs and models. But the thing about most logos is that they are more than just a mere identification mark of a car brand. Most Iconic Car Brand Logos.

Most Iconic Car Brand Logos. Each logo contains a story. Sometimes they even tell you about the brand’s history itself. Or, sometimes, the logos can have some hidden meaning or perhaps some special significance to the car manufacturers.

So, if you are someone who is interested in knowing more about the car logos of some famous brands, you are at the right place. In this article, we have discussed 10 car brand logos and their meanings. So read along to find out which logo’s meaning you like the most.

10 Famous Car Logos And Their Meaning.

Most Iconic Car Brand Logos. Considering how automobile dominates the world these days, you must have seen a lot of car logos in your lifetime by now. Some logos are incredibly simple and straightforward, while others lean towards a bit more complex design.

Well, however the design might be, there is always a meaning. And now, you are going to find out what those meanings are.

1. Audi.

Founder: August Horch

Founded In: 1909


Audi car logo
Audi car logo

The logo of Audi is perhaps one of the simplest car brand logos you have ever seen. The design is basically four simple interlocking rings. However, the four intertwined rings have a meaning that tells the company’s story.

The four rings of Audi represent each of the four companies that formed Auto Union AG in 1932. The four merger companies were:  Audi, DKW, Horch, and Wanderer. These companies were initially successful all on their own.

However, due to the global recession in 1929, the companies had no other choice than to merge together. The Auto Union AG later became the Audi AG company that we are familiar with today. Furthermore, according to some people, the four circles also represent the four wheels of a car. Even the Audi company has commented on this connection.

2. Mercedes-Benz.

Founders: Karl Benz, Gottlieb Daimler, Wilhelm Maybach, and Emil Jellinek.

Founded In: 1926.



Mercedes-Benz logo
Mercedes-Benz logo

Just like Audi’s logo, the logo of Mercedes-Benz is also iconic in its simplicity. This is perhaps one of the most famous logos in the world. There is hardly anyone who does not recognize the iconic 3-point star Mercedes-Benz logo. However, this logo not only looks good but also has a deeper meaning.

This logo is a representation of the brand’s original history and the core values that the company still upholds today. You are probably aware that the Mercedes-Benz logo was initially used to pay homage to its creator Gottlieb Daimler and the country of origin of the Daimler family.

The three points of the Mercedes-Benz star together symbolize the company’s pursuit of global motorization, but each point also has a unique meaning. The points stand for land, sea, and air. The corporation regarded them as the three spheres they would eventually rule with Mercedes-Benz engines.

Moreover, the logo got its notable circle that enclosed the three-point star of the logo due to two pioneering companies that got merged together in 1926. Besides, Mercedes is the German word for “happiness,” which refers to Daimler’s creation of car owners who will bring happiness.

3. Volkswagen.

Founder: German Labour Front

Founded In: 1937


Volkswagen logo
Volkswagen logo

Despite being one of the largest car manufacturers in the world, Volkswagen also has a pretty simple logo for its brand. The logo is a simple anagram of the letters V and W, clearly the initials of the brand’s name. The V and W anagram is surrounded by a circle on a blue backdrop.

The logo of Volkswagen clearly echoes the meaning of the brand. The meaning of “Volkswagen” is actually pretty cool. It is made up of two German words: volks (people) and wagen (car). Combined together, the brand’s meanings stand for “People’s car”.

The V and W of the logo clearly embody this meaning. Moreover, the circle surrounding them symbolizes the idea of community and inclusiveness. These two things are highly valued by the brand Volkswagen.

4. Toyota.

Founder: Kiichiro Toyoda

Founded In: 1937


Toyota car logo
Toyota car logo

Toyota is another car brand that believes in keeping its logo on the simple side. The logo of Toyota consists of two perpendicular ovals that overlap each other. They are situated inside another oval that surrounds them. Together they make a “T” that symbolizes Toyota. At the same time, it also indicates the steering wheel representing the vehicle as well.

However, this Japanese car brand’s logo has a far deeper meaning than that. The outer oval that surrounds the T in the logo is actually a representation of the world that has embraced Toyota. Moreover, the overlapping ovals that made the T design are a symbol of trust between the manufacturer and the customers.

The colors used in the logo also have their own symbolism. The color red represents the passion, power, and strength of the brand. While the white space is a symbol of innovation and class. It is also said to represent the future potential of the brand.

5. Ford.

Founder: Henry Ford

Founded In: 1903


Ford car logo
Ford car logo

The logo of the Ford car brand is equally simple and unique looking. Besides, Ford is one of the earliest companies in the car manufacturing world. Thus, considering the design of its logo has not gone through any significant changes since the beginning, Ford has one of the most recognizable logos in the world.

The design of its logo consists of a flattened oval figure which is designed in several shades of blue and white colors. Inside the oval, there is an embedment of the famous stylish signature of Henry Ford, the founder of the company.

The use of the color blue in the logo is a symbol of the strength, excellence, and grace of the brand. The white color, on the other hand, stands for nobility, elegance, and purity. This classic logo promises a sense of elegance and brilliance that is to be expected from the brand.

6. Jaguar.

Founder: William Lyons

Founded In: 1922



Jaguar logo
Jaguar logo

While we are on the topic of logos having elegance and simplicity at the same time, it would be a crime not to mention the iconic logo of the brand, Jaguar. The logo of the Jaguar brand is very much on the nose. It is a leaping or jumping jaguar with its teeth bared.

This is quite a majestic-looking logo that is bound to turn people’s heads with the raw strength it possesses. Though it just means the logo is doing its job. After all, the logo of the Jaguar car brand symbolizes elegance, grace, performance, luxury, and power. It also represents the company’s ambition to leap forward.

This is a logo that truly embodies the slogan of the brand: “Grace, space, pace.” Moreover, the history of the Jaguar brand also indicates that this logo is actually inspired by the Swallow Sidecar business, which, in the 1930s, produced the SS Jaguar.

7. Chevrolet.

Founders: Arthur Chevrolet, Louis Chevrolet, and William C. Durant

Founded In: 1911


Chevrolet logo
Chevrolet logo

The Chevrolet logo, or the Chevy bowtie, is one of the most famous automobile logos in the world. The co-founder of General Motors and Chevrolet, William C. Durant, is said to have picked the initial version of this design after noticing some French wallpaper with repeating patterns. However, there are several versions of its origin.

This logo is supposed to demonstrate at a glance the value to be expected from the brand. This bowtie logo is also recognized as a cross sometimes. It has been used in the Chevrolet brand for more than a hundred years.

There seems to be no particular significance behind the logo, and it was most likely purely an aesthetic choice. However, today, the strong shape of the logo, mixed with colors like gold and silver, conveys the quality and resilience that customers are to expect from a brand like Chevrolet.

8. BMW.

Founders: Franz Josef Popp, Camillo Castiglioni and Karl Rapp

Founded In: 1916


BMW logo
BMW logo

As one of the most selling luxury car brands in the world, the logo of BMW is way simpler than you would expect. The typography of the logo of this renowned brand is a simple sans-serif font. They are written in all capital letters. Similar to other famous car brands, the BMW brand also kept its logo unchanged for a long time.

The logo of BMW is basically a design made up of two circles, one inside the other. The inner circle features a check pattern with the colors white and blue. The wider circle surrounds the inner circle, and in the in-between space of these two circles, you will find the embedment of the letters BMW on a clear background.

The BMW logo is supposed to be a representation of Bavaria, the company’s native state. The official colors of the State of Bavaria—white and blue—are displayed in the quarters of the inner circle on the BMW logo. But if you pay attention, you will notice that the colors are in inverse order.

The local trademark legislation at the time was the cause of the reversed order of the color in the BMW logo. The legislation prohibited the use of state coats of arms or other emblems of sovereignty in commercial logos. Nonetheless, this logo also signifies the reliability of the renowned BMW brand.

9. Ferrari.

Founder: Enzo Ferrari

Founded In: 1939


Ferrari car logo
Ferrari car logo

Candidly speaking, Ferrari is an absolute legend in the industry of luxurious car manufacturing. This brand has always been renowned for its visual identity. Therefore, when it comes to logos, this well-known car brand has chosen a logo that is bound to catch the eye and attention of people.

The logo of Ferrari consists of a reared horse ready to run away. The Ferrari logo has an official name: “Cavallino Rampante”, also known as “Prancing Horse”. Why a horse, you might be wondering. Well, there is a story behind it as well.

Enzo Ferrari, the founder of this brand, often recalled how he first got to meet Count Enrico and his wife Countess Paolina Baracca. Their son was an Italian fighter pilot and he flew the airplane while carrying a horse. The count and countess gave Enzo the design after the son passed away, saying it would be lucky for him.

Moreover, the yellow background of the logo is a tribute to the Italian city, Modena, where Enzo was born. Over the years, the prancing horse and vivid yellow background have become trademarks of the Ferrari brand. The Prancing Horse logo represents fierce passion and courage.

10. Lamborghini.

Founder: Ferruccio Lamborghini

Founded In: 1963


Lamborghini logo
Lamborghini logo

Lamborghini is a renowned luxury car brand. This is a brand highly associated with class and quality. This brand has quite a strong and eye-catching logo. In its logo, just like brands such as Ferrari, Jaguar, etc., Lamborghini also has an animal mascot.

The Lamborghini logo is designed in the shape of a shield. It is outlined in gold and has a black background. The word Lamborghini is written in capital letters over the top of the shield, followed by a picture of a golden bull. We can find two reasons behind having the bull in the Lamborghini logo.

The first reason would be that Ferruccio Lamborghini, the brand’s founder, was born under the sign of Taurus. Besides, he was a lover of bullfighting and often attended bullfighting events. So, believing that it was a reflection of himself, Ferruccio Lamborghini thought that this was the ideal image to use for his company’s logo.

The second reason is that the power, speed, and prestige of Lamborghini sports cars are symbolized by the bull. The Lamborghini logo is now representative of status, money, luxury, power, and speed. It’s also interesting to note that Lamborghini also named some of their vehicles after fighting bulls, including the Islero, Jalpa, and Diablo.

Final Words.

Most Iconic Car Brand Logos. There are hundreds of car logos out in the world. Almost all of them most likely have some special meaning to them or have a history hidden in them. If you are a car enthusiast, you would probably enjoy learning in detail about the car brand logos and what they represent for that particular brand.

These 10 examples of this article just prove that in creating a brand identity logo plays a bit role. The job of the logo of a brand is to communicate brand identity and what the brand represents. At the same time, the logo can be used to maintain or honor any particular heritage associated with the car brands.

So, if you have read the whole article, we hope next time you encounter any of these logos, you won’t find yourself wondering what they mean or how they originated. This might help you better appreciate the cars of your interest.

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