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Subaru car logo

Subaru car logo.

Subaru car logo

Subaru is an automobile manufacturing division. Which was established in Japan. The Subaru Automobile Division is an integral part of the transport division of Fuji Heavy Industry. The division is the 22nd largest automaker in the world in terms of production in 2012. The Subaru brand has traditionally been the center of attraction for buyers in the Western market and is hugely popular with them.

Subaru information:


Founder Kenji Kita
Founded 1953
Parent Fuji Heavy Industries
Headquarters Ebisu, Tokyo, Japan
Official Site
Slogan “Confidence in Motion”
Overview Subaru is a Japanese word meaning combined. Which promotes these logos and they form the FHI. Where five companies have been merged. Fuji Heavy Industries Subaru chose the term. Because they too have come together like a Pleiades star cluster.




What is Subaru?

Subaru is an automobile manufacturing division. Which is a Japanese automaker company. This is one of the luxury car builds. The Subaru brand pays special attention to the technology and features of their vehicles in making their cars. Their cars are very popular with everyone, especially in the western markets. The Subaru car brand is very popular for its reliability and comfortable driving features

Where did Subaru get its name and design?

Fuji Heavy Industry which is a transport company. Fuji Heavy was created primarily through investments in five separate companies. Soon after the investment, the five companies merged with FHI, the automobile division. The word Subaru is a Japanese name for a group of constellations in Taurus. This Japanese name or word is known to many as Pleiades. In this case they are also called The Seven Sisters.

However, according to Greek mythology, they were once the seven daughters of Atlas. Everyone can now think that if the logo speaks of the constellations of these seven daughters together then why there are six stars. The answer is that with the naked eye there seem to be six stars here because the two stars are so close together they seem to be a big star. So we have to interpret the Pleiades constellation here as a combination of stars.

With two of the seven stars in the Subaru car logo we understand Fuji Heavy Industry and the remaining five small stars are its five merged companies FHI. The background of the symbol or logo is blue because the actual Pleiades stars are blue. The Subaru brand logo was first used everywhere in 1956. This Subaru brand emphasizes global unity.

When Subaru was get official?

The first car manufactured by Subaru hit the road in 1952. Its model number is Subaru 1500. This car had 4 seats. The car was quite affordable. Despite the low price, the car was technically advanced. Its design was quite advanced.

What are the origins of the Subaru car logo?

The Plaids Star cluster Japanese name is Subaru. The Subaru logo was also inspired by this. The five companies merged to form FHI, indicating Subaru. The Japanese word Subaru means “together”, which is why the name has been used in the Fuji heavy industry. It refers to how the constellations come together. The companies that Fuji merged with in this formula are a constellation.

How did Subaru come up their logo?

Subaru is a Japanese word meaning combined.  Which promotes these logos and they form the FHI. Where five companies have been merged. Fuji Heavy Industries Subaru chose the term. Because they too have come together like a Pleiades star cluster.


Subaru car logo description:

The Subaru brand is a luxury car brand. The word Subaru represents the Pleiades stars in the constellation Taurus. Six stars on a dark blue background are waiting for the night sky to form a constellation. The big star on the left here refers to Fuji Heavy Industries where the six small stars on the right are helpful and one of them is the Subaru brand.

Subaru car logo history:

Subaru is a part of Fuji Heavy Industries which was established in the 1950s. Kenji Kita was the founder of this Subaru brand. Kenji Kita   decided to name this Japanese company after the Pleiades cluster of constellations? Also commonly known as the Pleiades Cluster Seven Sisters. A cluster consisting of high blue stars that are extremely bright.

Which we can see with the naked eye in the night sky. So we understand that the Star of Subaru car logo has graphically represented this Pleiades cluster. The big star here is Fuji Heavy Industries. The other five divisions are Fuji’s automobile division

Subaru car logo evaluation 1953-Present:

The Subaru brand’s logo has always been based on the same symbol and shape. The color of the logo of this brand has been changed from time to time. The first logo for the Subaru brand was created in 1953. Which was a one color logo. Four of which were bought with sharp dots. The stars were framed in an oval frame.


Two logos were introduced in the same year. The second time the logo came, it was a single colored star symbol. Which was the three-dimensional version. It was made on a little shiny metal where silver gradient is used which makes the logo clearer. The lines seem even more daring to look at. This logo was placed on the bonnet of the Subaru car.


It was first designed in 1958 after the creation of the Subaru logo. Which had six stars added. The stars were bound in an oval shape. To which was attached a thin line. The made Subaru car logo was quite elegant to look at. Which further enhanced the decoration of the Subaru car.


At this point the Subaru Car logo is painted more colorful than before. Now this star symbols are placed on a red background which was framed in silver. This newly added color takes the Subaru logo one step further. Which represents progress.


In 1989, the Subaru brand received a redesigned logo. The design was similar to the previous six-star oval. But now it is placed in a U-shaped figure with the lower part of the logo. The line was quite thick silver.


The Subaru car logo was designed once again in 1989. Although it looked a lot like the design of the logo made in the 1950s. But there was a version in the 1960’s design. The lines of the stars were shortened. The oval shape of the logo was also expanded. In addition to all this, there was another change in the outline of the elements. The lines used in the Subaru logo are featured in black outline. These changes make the logo even more confident.


The symbol is in oval shape. Dark blue has been chosen for the background here. The stars are set against this deep blue background. Added to this is the gray gradient. Which bears a resemblance to the night star.


In 1999, the Subaru logo was made more modern. The logo was also taken forward with the advancement of technology. The oval shape used by the logo is made wider which makes the logo look stronger. Added three-dimensional effect to the symbol.


In 2003, the log was changed once again. Now a new word symbol is added to the logo. All the capital letters on the nameplate are written in a traditional Sun-Serif typeface. The color black is used here. These changes make the visual identity of the Subaru brand more modern and the powerful Subaru logo one of the most powerful automakers in the world

The element of logo:

  1. Symbol:

We already know a lot about the symbol of the Subaru logo. Subaru is one of the five companies included in Fuji Heavy Industries. Fuji works as a mother company here. The blue background using the Subaru logo is accompanied by a constellation of stars. Where the sky performs an act of the sea. This design used in the logo makes the brand more popular.



  1. Emblem

When choosing a symbol for the Subaru brand, the designers deliberately moved away from the heraldic structure in an attempt to do something different. An oval shape is provided by extending a duck. Which was horizontally extended. This logo is a special feature of Japanese culture. This, in the Subaru logo, repeats the position of the constellations in the Placed constellation.

  1. Color:

The main color used for the Subaru logo is deep blue. Which was associated with the sky. Because blue is the most suitable color to express the constellation. Blue is a mysterious color in Japanese culture. White was the most important color for this logo after blue. Used for black fonts

  1. Font:

In the case of the Subaru logo, the main function of the font was to emphasize the image using the symbol. And provide information about the name making it easy for the customer. The design is designed in such a way that even those who do not know about the brand can read the font used in the design. All lines used have the same thickness. Japanese Customer Instruction This name has a secondary meaning. So the font used for the logo’s Latin characters focused on European consumers.



The Subaru car logo is a very simple logo but quite impressive. Subaru Acre is a Japanese word meaning combined. This is a Japanese translation .The translation word is Pleiades star cluster. This star cluster refers to the five merged companies of Fuji Heavy Industries. At present Subaru car is one of the names in the world. Today all the big car brands in the world are competing with it.

FAQ Question:

1. How many stars do subaru cars have only 6 starts on their car logo?

Answer: Seven stars.

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