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Genesis car logo, Brand, Meaning, History

The Genesis car logo was originally used to indicate that Genesis was different from Hyundai’s range. The arrival of Hyundai and Genesis came at the same time with a surprise.

Genesis car logo

The letter “H” did not accompany the Hyundai logo. Hyundai Group later created a logo using the letter “H” to establish Genesis Motors’ luxury car manufacturing division.

This means that Genesis is a Korean luxury car made by Hyundai. It arrived in 2004. However, Genesis became a completely different category in 2015. At that time the cars made by this Genesis brand were becoming very popular.

Genesis Information
Official Site
Parent Hyundai Motor Company
Headquarters Seoul, South Korea
Slogan “Luxury Evolved”
Founded 2015


What is Genesis?

Genesis is basically the name of a separate division or subsidiary of a luxury car made by Hyundai.

Genesis Separately independent was established in 2015. At present, it is known all over the world. Genesis’s luxury cars are in demand all over the world, including in Asia, Europe, and the United States. In a very short time, the Genesis brand was becoming quite popular. Seeing its popularity so much in 2015, Genesis was formed as a separate brand in 2016.

Genesis Information:

The Genesis brand is entitled to an independent brand with a logo that features the hood and steering wheel. The Genesis brand will become the most dependable car brand in North America by 2020.

Who is the owner of Genesis?

Genesis first appeared as part of the Hyundai Group. Luxury cars were made in this genesis department. Until 2016, Genesis was part of Hyundai’s own. Which in 2016 became a completely different brand. So Genesis is a sister brand of Hyundai. So the main company of Genesis is Hyundai. So Hyundai is the owner of Genesis.

Genesis car logo meaning:

Genesis is a brand that is closely associated with the Hyundai Group. The Genesis car logo has two wings. The Genesis car logo with wings has been shown solely to give a sense of proportion. It bears the term of the Genesis brand. genesis car logo with wings in the Genesis logo represents the two motions. This winged logo of Genesis shows it to the world as one of the most independent brands.

It is now competing with some of the world’s largest car brands.

The Genesis logo is usually found on the model’s car;

1 Genesis G90

2 Genesis G60

3 Genesis G60

The first Genesis brand cars were originally made by Hyundai. At that time the logo of all these cars was similar to “H”. Until 2015, Genesis was a part of Hyundai.

Genesis history:

We are all very interested to know the history of Genesis.

Although the history of the Genesis brand is not very long.

A plan of Genesis started in 2008. It is rumored that they are thinking of turning Hyundai Genesis into a completely independent brand.

One of the reasons the automobile industry believes this is because the Hyundai Group has introduced a different logo for the Genesis brand Ai with the car. In 2008, the rumor spread that in 2015, Hyundai Genesis KLT emerged as an independent luxury car manufacturer. Genesis also adds a logo to it. Genesis has already become quite popular.

Genesis car logo history:

Until the Genesis car logo was made, the Hyundai logo was commonly used on cars made by Genesis. Which was sold in the United States. But later on, cars made by Genesis in other countries came with Genesis’ wing logo. Which was quite interesting to everyone. And very easily became quite popular. Genesis was a luxury car division of Hyundai.

But in 2006, news broke that Genesis would emerge as an independent brand. Which was a rumor spread. The reason was to have a different logo for Genesis. However, this rumor came true in 2015. Genesis is expressed as an independent brand. Hyundai’s best-selling and most luxurious car at the time was the Genesis division.

Genesis car logo evaluation:

Hyundai built a car model in 2003 using a rear Hyundai-drive system. Which was a passenger car. It was a progressive sports sedan as planned by the car. This model was first released in 2006 this model takes 3 years to fully develop. The project cost about $ 500 million.

Genesis car logo (2008-2015)

Initially, the Genesis brand was known as Hyundai Genesis. The Genesis car logo, released in 2006, consisted of a geometric crest of dark blue and a shade of gray. Inside the perimeter of which was a thin white outline. The characters used were white.

Which was written in light letters from the sharp edges. These letters replaced the serifs.

Each wing had three feathers and a tail.

The geometric crest used in the logo was placed between two thick wings with sharp edges. It is a balanced logo that is stable which represents the purpose of the brand.

Genesis car logo (2015-2020)


After the Genesis category was released as a separate independent brand, its symbol was TO be used to represent a different Genesis brand. The logo was redesigned in 2015. The contours used in the winged logo are slightly modified during this version.

These elements are placed in their color palette. The whole design of the logo is made more modern. The white outline used by the logo is discarded. The center of the logo becomes shinier.

2020-Present Genesis car logo

Hyundai Genesis 1007, is a luxury bone segment that was released as a separate brand, but Genesis is inextricably linked with Hyundai. A link to Hyundai can be found in the logo of the Hulu car made at the beginning of the Genesis brand. While other countries used the winged logo for Genesis, Hyundai’s linkup was used in the United States.

Designers have turned the logo into a laconic symbol used to make it simpler, simpler, and more modern.

The 3D effect is omitted from the logo. The two wings used are further flattened and lengthened. In this way, the Genesis car logo is given a new modern look.

Genesis logo elements:

The Hyundai brand launched the sedan in March 2006, which is a modern rear-wheel-drive sport. According to its analysis, the concept of genesis was started. However, the idea of ​​Genesis was conceived since 2003


  1. Logo font:


The Genesis brand name is used in the Genesis car logo. Where the typeface has a place. There are many characters here with distinct sharp edges. This is why the logo is so sharp. All letters of the name used in the center of the logo are capitalized. Which is written using a modern font. The typeface matches the font of the word Genesis with the Astoria font and Granada Bold. The smooth lines of the logo and the sharp serifs make this luggage a symbol of luxury cars.

  1. Logo color:


Genesis car logo represents a luxury car. The design of this loggia is quite elegant and simply modern. The colors used here give it extraordinary beauty. Light bluish with light fine black as well as silver shades.

They used Hyundai’s typeface to enhance the design of the Genesis brand logo. But that changes little. Which gave the logo a different look. It has made people elegant.

Through this, he has maintained his relationship with the parent company and emerged as his own. Genesis has twice copied the car logo. The colors used in Genesis are black, silver, and royal blue. However, in the case of the official loggia used by Genesis, a shade of black is used. This makes the logo even more powerful. Which reflects the superiority of the logo.

  1. Genesis car logo symbol:


Genesis was a special feature of the company. They chose a different kind of strategy for business.

At the beginning of the Genesis brand, cars made by Genesis were quite popular in the United States. Genesis’s car was everyone’s choice. They could have used the “H” used in Hyundai’s logo on their cars. This allows Genesis to use the integrated logo.

Due to this facility, the demand of the customer would increase.

About 40% of Genesis car buyers chose the winged logo.

This logo is used with a black hexagonal-shaped striped pattern between the two wings. The word Genesis is placed inside this shield. The logo of this Genesis car is made elegant using different shades of gray.

The Slogan of Genesis car logo:

Genesis has a slogan. That is the luxury developed in Genesis “Luxury Evolved”. The slogan implies that the winged logo of this Genesis is similar to the logos of other luxury cars, but the progressive approach of Genesis is different. Genesis was created to build luxury and high-end cars. Which was affordable.

Learn More about Genesis- Genesis Official site.

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Genesis is a luxury car brand made by the Hyundai Motor Company. The genesis car brand is South Korean. In 2004, Hyundai launched a new luxury car division called Genesis. In 2015, this category was released as an independent brand.

Which is a high-end luxury high-level car manufacturer. The first car of this company came in 2016. These cars quickly became popular. It has its own logo known as the Genesis Car logo. It has been shown by a very elegant design.

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