December 7, 2022

Top 15 American Car Brands

When people were riding on animal-drawing carriages, did they imagine there would be engine-running or self-driven cars in the future? Of course not! But look how far we have come, and now we even hope to have flying cars someday.


Most of the famous and top car manufacturing brands that exist now are American. The United States has earned its fame for proving the best, robust, and most reliable automobiles for decades now. It sells approximately 9 to 10 million vehicles every year, making it the second-largest vehicle market globally.


It all began in the 1890s when the American automobile industry started its evolutionary journey with Henry Ford. By the end of 1920, the world was introduced to the Big Three, which were General Motors, Ford, and Chrysler. These three giants helped with 75% of vehicle production during World War II.


But there were multiple challenges, including the rise of oil prices and China taking over the car manufacturing market. However, the country began experiencing a new change and an era of hope in the 20th century. Now, American car brands have become a global band.


best 15 American Car Brands And Their Logos

Over the decades, more and more car brands joined the American automobile market. It will take a long article and a few days of reading to talk about all of them. Instead, I have listed some widely known giant vehicle maker brands and some lesser-known but best ones today.


  1. Ford

ford-car-logo | American Car Brands

Founded By: Henry Ford

Founded In: 1903



Most of us have watched the James Bond movies. While some people had eyes on Daniel Craig, many of us were more interested in the cars. And in case you have or haven’t noticed, many of these were Ford vehicles.


The arrival of Ford changed the history of automobiles in America. Henry Ford founded the company in 1903, who was later called the father of American automobiles.


The mass production of automobiles began with Ford, and it sold its first car on July 23, 1903. Later, the company became one of the leading car brands in America and worldwide, becoming the fifth-largest automaker in the world.


Ford has been manufacturing various vehicles, such as trucks, vans, sedans, SUVs, and many expensive or luxurious cars. Now, other than America, Ford runs its car manufacturing business in the United Kingdom, Canada, China, Argentina, Brazil, Turkey, and a few more countries.


  1. Cadillac

Cadillac-Car-Logo | American Car Brands

Founded By: William Murphy, Lemuel Bowen, Henry M. Leland

Founded In: 1902



The Cadillac has brought forward some of the most luxurious vehicles so far. It still stands as one of the famous American car brands because of the stylish look and variety it offers.


In case you didn’t know, a French adventurer named Antoine Laumet de La Mothe Cadillac discovered the Detroit city. One of the founders, Henry M. Leland, named the company Cadillac to honor the man who discovered the city,


Cadillac is the brand that introduced the passenger seat and enclosed cabin in the car. This brand is also famous for its innovative and user-friendly additions to vehicles to make things easier.


Unfortunately, things became quite challenging for the company in 2014, when its sales dropped 1.2% because of manufacturing fewer cars than the Chevrolet. However, everything changed in 2015 after the brand introduced the Cadillac Escalade, and it boosted sales.


  1. Chevrolet

Chevrolet-Car-logo | American Car Brands


Founded By: Louis Chevrolet, William C. Durant

Founded In: 1911



The Chevrolet, often referred to as Chevy for short, is another high-end car brand in America. It is yet another car manufacturing brand by General Motors. The company was founded in 1911 when Swiss race car driver Louis Chevrolet and his industrial friend and the former GM founder William Durant came together.


Over the century, this brand introduced many classy car models. Users can choose whichever model fits their requirements. And though 27 out of the 30 models are now discontinued, the Chevrolet Suburban and pickups are still popular among car users.


You will also find sports cars under this vehicle brand that are equally popular. Chevrolet has its business running in more than 100 countries and sells around four million vehicles every year.


  1. Dodge

Dodge-Car-Logo | American Car Brands

Founded By: John Francis Dodge, Horace Elgin Dodge

Founded In: 1900



This brand started its journey in the 1900s as a bicycles and auto parts supplier. But later, the Dodge brother turned it into a car manufacturing company.


They launched their first car model in 1914, and the company has been active in manufacturing world-class vehicles ever since. And just in two years, the company ended up selling more than 70,000 vehicles.


Unfortunately, the sales dropped drastically after the Dodge brothers died during the Spanish Flu in 1920. Then the company was sold to Dillon, Read & Co. and raised from ashes once again.


The brand also manufactures minivans and SUVs. If you are a sports car lover, you will love their Dodge Viper, which has been one of their best-selling models.


  1. Buick

Buick-Car-logo | American Car Brands


Founded By: David Dunbar Buick

Founded In: 1903



Buick is another brand under General Motors and one of the renowned American car brands. David Dunbar Buick founded it in 1903. It has been 119 years, and the brand still stands out as a luxurious car manufacturer.


The Buick car models are pretty expensive. However, the money becomes worth spending with all the unique features and qualities they come with.


The 2013 Encore is one of the brand’s popular and best-selling car models. Besides the United States, Buick sells its cars in China, Canada, and Mexico, which are also its main vehicle markets.


  1. Tesla

American Car Brands


Founded By: Martin Eberhard, Marc Tarpenning

Founded In: 2003



Tesla manufactures the cars of the future. This brand is only around 19 years old but has got worldwide fame already. The car models, look, design and features made Tesla one of the famous and luxurious car brands.


Though many people think Elon Musk founded Tesla, they are pretty wrong. Tesla was founded in 2003 by Martin Eberhard and Marc Tarpenning. Tesla is the first company to introduce all-premium electric Sedans, which are almost silent but quite expensive.


However, Tesla is working on making these futuristic cars more affordable so that it becomes accessible to more people. Tesla is currently owned by Elon Musk, also known as the co-founder of the company.


  1. Chrysler

Chrysler-car-logo | American Car Brands


Founded By: Walter Chrysler

Founded In: 1925



Chrysler is one of the three giant car manufacturing companies in the United States. And along with all the expensive and luxurious models, this brand ensures affordable cars for people.


It was founded in 1925 by Walter Chrysler, and that is how it got its name. The beginning was a shift between good and bad times. Then in 1921, the founder of the company acquired the Dodge company, and things escalated from there.


Now, it is one of the giant car-selling companies in the world. And other than Chrysler cars, it also manufactures Dodge, RAM, and Jeep vehicles.


  1. GMC

GMC-Car-logo | American Car Brands

Founded By: William C. Durant

Founded In: 1911



I know I should have talked about the big three first, but what’s the rush? Yes, General Motors has been manufacturing cars in America for a very long time now. This company produced coaches until 1980.


And its worldwide fame says a lot about it. And GMC is a subdivision of that company.


This brand has become a role model for many others for manufacturing affordable vehicles like SUVs or terrains. However, it does not produce traditional cars. But that did not stop GMC from being popular.


  1. RAM

RAM-car-logo | American Car Brands


Founded By: Fiat Chrysler Automobiles

Founded In: 2010



In the beginning, RAM was just a vehicle model under the Dodge brand. But it became so popular that it started its own truck manufacturing company as a separate brand in 2010.

But many people still refer to RAM trucks as Dodge RAM even after all these years. RAM manufacturers various classy and high-performing trucks only.


The brand is now owned by Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, an Italian automaker company. It now produces trucks of all sizes, and they are quite popular in the United States. So if you are up for a stylish-looking, full-size truck, a RAM truck model can be all you need.


  1. Lincoln

Lincoln-Car-logo | American Car Brands


Founded By: Ford, Henry M. Leland

Founded In: 1917



Lincoln was founded in 1917 by Henry Leland, who was also one of the founders of Cadillac. It was named after the great American president Abraham Lincoln.


And in 1922, Ford acquired the brand. Of all the vehicle models Ford introduced, Lincoln vehicles are among the popular ones.


From SUVs to crossover, this brand produces many types of models. It also manufacturers Limousines, which is another famous, luxurious vehicle.


  1. Jeep

Jeep-Car-logo | American Car Brands


Founded By: Fiat Chrysler Automobiles

Founded In: 1941



This brand is another leading subdivision by Chrysler and also a popular one. Jeep models are some of those that changed America’s economic and car selling market position.


Its Jeep Grand Cherokee made record-breaking sales in 2014. It also happens to be one of the low-priced off-road vehicles in the United States. Currently, this brand also manufactures sports utility vehicles.


  1. AM General

AM-General-Car-logo | American Car Brands


Founded By: American Motors Corporation

Founded In: 1971



Any car nerd with a taste for heavy-duty trucks should know about the AM General. But now, this brand also offers luxurious and classy trucks. It is one of the many reasons why AM General is one of the popular car brands for commercial vehicles.


The Hummer has been one of the most popular and best-selling trucks so far. But that does not mean the other models are not widely known.


And then there is the Humvee truck that stole the limelight because of its badass and rugged exterior appearance. The AM General trucks are the coolest military trucks you will find.


  1. Shelby American

shelby-american-logo (1) | American Car Brands

Founded By: Carroll Shelby

Founded In: 1962



A racing car driver named Carroll Shelby founded the Shelby American in 1962. In 1964, the brand won the prestigious World Manufacturers’ Championship title by defeating Ferrari. It is the only American company to win the title, as no one else has after that.


The Shelby American sports cars won several races, making the vehicles even more demandable. Its best-selling car, the Shelby GT350, is one of the most beautiful and detailed designed models the company has created so far.


  1. Hennessey

Hennessey-car-logo | American Car Brands


Founded By: Richard Hennessey

Founded In: 1765



Hennessey is not as famous to many people as many American car brands on this list. But trust me when I say that this brand comes up with some of the most iconic and stylish cars you will find.


The Venom GT, known as the fastest and most expensive car, is a creation of Hennessey. This wonder brand is to launch a six-wheeler EV in 2026. It will be an electric hypercar and will have a private jet interior.


  1. Lucid

Lucid-car-logo | American Car Brands


Founded By: Bernard Tse, Sam Weng

Founded In: 2007



This company aims to build sustainable vehicles, but oh boy, they are expensive. The company is fairly new but earned fame because of its innovative plan of manufacturing cars.


The Lucid Air is their luxurious car, and it is entirely electric. The performance of the company and its car earned it the Motor Trend’s Car of the Year Award. The idea behind manufacturing such next-level cars makes this brand referred to as America’s ‘next big thing’.



From the beginning till now, all the American car brands have gone through a massive transformation. Most of them went through brutal ups and downs and survived, while the others discontinued their business.


Nevertheless, the automobile market of the United States is still one of the most powerful ones. And the brands I mentioned above are among the most popular and worldwide famous. So if you plan to get an American car, you know your options now.

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