17 Most Popular European Car Brands And Their Logos

17 Most Popular European Car Brands And Their Logos

17 Most Popular European Car Brands And Their Logos.

17 Most Popular European Car Brands And Their Logos. You will find the richest automotive industry in Europe. The continent is filled with high-end vehicle manufacturers that offer a variety of vehicles all over the world.

The leading countries that created the European car brands are Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Italy, and Sweden. There are a few other countries that contribute to the car industry.

Starting with vehicles with innovative technology and ending with luxury brands, Europe is where you search for diversity when it comes to cars. So, let’s see what brands are Europe-originated and leading the market as of now.

17 Most Popular European Car Brands And Their Logos.

17 Most Popular European Car Brands And Their Logos. The number of brands you will find in European countries is vast.

It’s difficult to enumerate all the brands in one article. Below you will find the most popular brand that is originally European but operates all over the country.

1. Volkswagen.

Founder: German Labor Front under Adolf Hitler

Founded: 1937

Website: https://www.volkswagen.com/

Volkswagen logo
Volkswagen logo

Volkswagen means people’s car when translated from German. The motive for this car was to make a vehicle available for the masses. The brand manufactured affordable cars for all people. Volkswagen still manufactures affordable cars for its customers.

The brand also has the longest-produced car in the industry. Volkswagen Beetle has been on the market for 65 long years. This brand also comes with an interesting logo. By taking two letters from the brand name, V and W make up the logo by being trapped inside a circle.

2. BMW.

Founder: Franz Josef Popp and Karl Rapp

Founded: 1916

Website: https://www.bmw.com/com/en/


BMW logo
BMW logo

This one is a luxury brand from Germany that originally manufactured aircraft. Since the foundation of the brand, BMW has seen some serious ups and downs. Yet today, it’s one of the best luxury brands to lead the market all around the world.

Many people think that the logo resembles a propeller because the company initially manufactured aircraft. Nonetheless, it’s also said that the logo was inspired by Bavaria’s flag, where the brand was founded.

Regardless of what the inspiration behind the brand’s logo is, it certainly made an impact in creating the brand image.

3. Audi.

Founder: August Horch

Founded: 1910

Website: https://www.audi.com/

Audi logo
Audi logo

Another luxury carmaker in Europe is the famous Audi. Since 1966, the brand has been a subsidiary of the brand Volkswagen. August Horch founded the Auto Union, which was the parent brand of Audi.

There were originally 4 brands, one of which was Audi. The other three were namely, DKW, Horch, and Wanderer. These brands together inspired the famous logo for Audi, which is the four rings. Today, you can recognize a luxury brand anywhere in the world only by looking at the iconic logo.

4. Mercedes-Benz.

Founder: Gottlieb Daimler, Karl Benz

Founded: 1926

Website: https://www.mercedes-benz.com/

Mercedes-Benz logo
Mercedes-Benz logo


It’s impossible not to utter the name Mercedes-Benz when you’re talking about European car brands. The brand was founded in 1926. One significant fact about the founder is that the first vehicle powered by petrol was founded by him back in 1988.

Mercedes has always stayed on top of the game by providing high-end technology, comfort, and stylishness. Nonetheless, it’s the safety that they take pride in. The brand is so concerned about the safety of the passengers that they allow their innovation regarding safety features to other brands. Even though it works as a negative impact on competitiveness.

Mercedes-Benz also features a simple and elegant logo design. A circle encases a triangular star. Simplicity has made it way too easy to recognize the brand worldwide.

5. Ferrari.

Founder: Enzo Ferrari

Founded: 1939

Website: https://www.ferrari.com/

Ferrari logo
Ferrari logo


The Italian brand started out as a racing car brand. Later on, it produced road cars to fund the team. Ferrari’s first vehicle was most successful in the prestigious race Formula One. The brand was named after the founder, Enzo Ferrari.

Ferrari’s logo has an interesting background. Many might assume that the horse is an indication of racing, but actually, this came from somewhere else. The logo was an inspiration from the Italian hero Francesco Baracca from the air force. He painted horses on his airplanes.

6. Alfa Romeo.

Founder: Alexandre Darracq, Nicola Romeo, Ugo Stella.

Founded: 1910

Website: https://www.alfaromeo.com/

Alfa Romeo logo
Alfa Romeo logo

Alfa Romeo was founded in 1910. The brand is well-known in the sporting community due to its contribution to different races. However, the brand also produces passenger vehicles, trucks, as well as commercial vehicles.

The logo of Alfa Romeo is enriched with traditional symbols of the place the brand was founded- Milan. It’s a circular emblem that consists of a cross and a serpent. On top of that, the brand name is written. Currently, the parent group of the brand is the Fiat Group.

7. Aston Martin.

Founder: Lionel Martin, Robert Bamford

Founded: 1913

Website: https://www.astonmartin.com/

Aston Martin
Aston Martin

Aston Martin is a British-originated European car brand. The brand got its name when the founder Lionel Martin successfully ran the vehicle at Aston Hill Climb. The brand made a significant impact on its consumers by making an appearance in a James Bond movie.

The British brand went through quite a few changes in ownership. However, it was at its highest success under Sir David Brown. It also showed prominence when it was under Ford.

The logo represents freedom as well as climbing up Aston Hill. It consists of a pair of wings with the brand name written across it.

8. Lamborghini.

Founder: Ferruccio Lamborghini

Founded: 1963

Website: https://www.lamborghini.com

Lamborghini logo
Lamborghini logo


Lamborghini produces luxury sports cars and SUVs. The brand was founded in 1963 by Ferruccio Lamborghini, hence the name. The parent company of this brand is Volkswagen group via its subsidiary brand Audi.

One interesting fact about the brand’s logo is that the founder went with the bull for two reasons. He was a Taurus by born and had a thing for bullfights. The logo also signifies the prestige and power of the vehicles through its logo.

9. Maserati.

Founder: 1914

Founded: Alfieri Maserati

Website: https://www.maserati.com/

Maserati logo
Maserati logo

Another Italy-based Maserati that will stay on top of the European car brand’s list is Maserati. Alfieri Maserati founded the luxury car brand in 1914. However, the brand has been owned by the Italian-American brand Fiat Chrysler Automobile since 1993.

In Bologna’s Piazza Maggiore, there’s a monument named Fountain of Neptune. It has a trident in its hand, which inspired the logo for Maserati. Bologna was the place where Maserati was founded, and that’s where the logo’s inspiration came from. According to the company, it was a suitable choice for the company logo because Neptune is a representative of vigor and strength.

10. Fiat.

Founder: Giovanni Agnelli

Founded: 1899

Website: https://www.fiat.com/

Fiat logo
Fiat logo


Fiat is Italy’s largest auto manufacturer company. It’s also a part of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles via FCA Italy S.p.A. The first Fiat automobile was manufactured back in 1899. The brand offers SUVs and sedans. The vehicles are not only stylish but also come within a reachable price point for a lot of customers.

Over the years, the logo of the brand has gone through some changes. However, the main theme remained the same, which is the brand name written in capital letters. The color combination has seen some changes. Currently, it’s a combination of glossy silver and red.

11. Bugatti.

Founder: Ettore Bugatti

Founded: 1909

Website: https://www.bugatti.com/

Bugatti logo
Bugatti logo

This luxurious French car brand was founded by Italian-born Ettore Bugatti in 1909. The brand logo has the initials of the founder on top of the brand name. Even though the brand was established long ago and has seen changes in ownership over time, it’s impossible to talk about the automotive industry without mentioning the name.

Currently, the brand is owned by the German company Volkswagen group. It was sold to Volkswagen in 1998.

12. Renault.

Founder: Louis Renault, Marcel Renault, Fernand Renault

Founded: 1899

Website: http://www.renault.com/

Renault logo
Renault logo

The Renault brothers created a brand 123 years ago with the aim of offering budget cars to customers. Even today, the brand is popular for small and affordable vehicles. With manufacturing units all over the world, Renault is one of the most popular European brands ever.

This French car company is still competing with its full potential in the automotive industry with the slogan ‘passion for life.’ As for the logo, it’s a rather simple one. The logo resembles a diamond shape to represent the brand. The shape consists of two separate bent lines. On a transparent background, the black lines make a pretty impressive presence.

13. Peugeot.

Founder: Armand Peugeot

Founded: 1896

Website: https://www.peugeot.com/

Peugeot logo
Peugeot logo

Peugeot is the second largest car manufacturer in Europe, the first being Volkswagen. It’s a French car company with its headquarters in Paris. The history of Peugeot goes way back to manufacturing cycles in the 19th century.


The brand has always been ahead of the competition with innovative features and stylish outlooks. With a lion as its logo, the brand creates a strong corporate image among others in the automotive industry. The brand combines blue, silver, and black for its logo. This unique lion design makes it easy for everyone to distinguish the brand from others.

14. Porsche.

Founder: Ferdinand Porsche

Founded: 1931

Website: https://www.porsche.com/

Porsche logo
Porsche logo

Another European luxury car brand from German is Porsche. The brand excels in manufacturing luxury sports cars, SUVs, and sedans. It was founded in 1931 by Ferdinand Porsche.

Porsche’s headquarters is situated in a place called Stuttgart in Germany. This is valuable information, especially if you are trying to understand the meaning behind the brand’s logo. Porsche has a horse as its logo. This comes from the fact that Stuttgart was built on top of a horse-breeding farm.

As for the rest of the logo, it was inspired by Württemberg’s old coat of arms.

15. Jaguar.

Founder: William Lyons, William Walmsley

Founded: 1922

Website: https://www.jaguar.com/

Jaguar logo
Jaguar logo

Jaguar is a British-originated company, which is a part of Jaguar Land Rovers. The company is currently owned by Tata Motors since 2008. Before then, it was owned by Ford. With a diverse range of vehicles offered by the brand, it competes with a lot of brands in the market.

You will find both performance cars and luxury cars within the brand. The logo is quite literal when it comes to this brand. It has a leaping jaguar on top of the brand name, symbolizing power, strength, and of course, speed.

16. Bentley.

Founder: W. O. Bentley

Founded: 1919

Website: https://www.bentleymotors.com/

Bentley logo
Bentley logo

This British company is a part of the Volkswagen group. It produces luxury motorcars and has manufacturing units all over the world. Currently, China has the largest market for Bentley Motors Corporation. The brand was founded by W.O. Bentley in 1919.

To express the brand’s power and luxurious feature, it has a unique logo. The letter ‘B’ is bolded inside the logo, representing the owner and the brand name. With it, there is a pair of wings symbolizing the power and speediness of the car produced by the brand. Overall, the logo is an excellent symbol for a luxury car brand like Bentley.

17. Opel.

Founder: Adam Opel

Founded: 1862

Website: www.opel.com

Opel logo
Opel logo

Opel is a subsidiary brand of General Motors. It’s a German automobile manufacturing company. Adam Opel founded it in 1862. Currently, the brand is not only selling vehicles under the original name but also designs vehicles for other countries under different names.

For instance, you will find vehicles designed by Opel that operate in Canada, the USA, Mexico, and China under the brand Buick. Similarly, the Holden brand offers vehicles designed by Opel in New Zealand, and the Vauxhall brand offers Opel-designed vehicles in the UK.

The logo of Opel is an interesting one. It resembles a lightning icon to represent speed and efficiency.

Final Words.

The list of European car brands will go on if you keep counting. These ones are in the leading position and have been in the market for a long time. Some of them have manufacturing units all over the world.

Apart from the brands mentioned above, there are some names worth mentioning. For instance, French company Citroen, German company Maybach, British company Rover, Swedish company Saab and Volvo, Spanish company Seat, Czech company Skoda, etc.

17 Most Popular European Car Brands And Their Logos.

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